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    Hi, I am playing guitar for about 8 months and the basic doubt for me is how to choose the scale.....suppose if i am hearing the song, i am not able to understand or predict in which scale its been played....any ideas as to how to identify...?????...I think if this is known everyone can become a better guitarist without having to play by seeing tabs nor notes !!!
  2. allen sebastian

    allen sebastian

    Well dude you cant see apple in an orange tree.. Everythin is inside yourself, u cant wait to become a better guitarist, it's inside you, you should have the thirst of learning.
    to find a scale of a song it's not that much hard. Very basic step is finding the landing note. For example "thendralae thendralae" from the movie kadhal desam, this song's landing note is D. Landing note means the song's base note and wherever the song starts it ends in a particular note. So once you got the landing note next you gotta find whether it's major scale or minor scale. The above song i mentioned is D Major. Have you heard the song ilayanila? The landing note is C and the scale is C Minor. Hope you understood a bit :)

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