How long does it take to learn fingerstyle guitar

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  1. Howlingwolf8

    Howlingwolf8 New Member

    How many of you lot kno fingerstyle guitar? And how long did it take you to master it?
  2. Vader

    Vader New Member

    i know people who have properly mastered it in three months(but they completely stopped playing guitar with a pick)
    also it takes less time if you practice on a classical guitar(nylon strings)
    i also know ppl who took a year
    it just depends on the number of hours you put
    try this trick
    practice whatever you wanna learn just before sleeping at night
    and then when you wake up in the morning you'll find it easier to play
  3. mymusicmyguitar

    mymusicmyguitar New Member

    Why think about the timeline. Somewhere down in ur heart do u feel that u wont be able to get this technique right?
    One suggestion:
    Dont think..JUST PRACTICE.....
    There is no such fixed timeline...The more u practice the better u get....
  4. Vader

    Vader New Member

    nylon would really help
    but dont be put off if you use a steel string
    either ways
    exercises can be boring
    so try this musical piece called romance/romanza (level: intermediate... but you already play acoustic so you wont have a problem)
    it covers nearly all basic fingerstyle exercises
    once you are done with this you should be able to play nothing else matters(intro) and other simple songs like nothing at all(keating) fingerstyle
    keep practicing romanza to move on to harder pieces like fur elise and canon
    once you achieve that finger style on hindi/rock/metal songs would be a piece of cake
  5. mymusicmyguitar

    mymusicmyguitar New Member

    There is Annies Song as well to learn..

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