How in teh world do u knw in which way you are suppose to play a chord?

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    ok my first not a complete newbie ive got most the basic concepts down of guitar. But this one thing i cant seem to figure out. How in teh world do u knw in which way you are suppose to play a cord. For instance, i see a song tab that says to play a G, but then there is so many ways to play it, I dont know which way to do it. So maybe someone can point me in the right direction.
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    As you know the chords u r talking about is made of 3 notes in the pattern of 1-3-5. If you strum the string starting with 1 and ending with 5 it is normal. However, you can also play the same chord in the pattern of 3-5-1, which is called 1st inversion or 5-1-3 which is known as 2nd inversion.

    Coming to ur query as to which way to hold a chord, the same is decided on the basis of how the lead of the song is structured. Wherever the lead notes are coming the chord applicable has to be build there. As a result all the chords are placed very near to each other and this helps you in chord progression.

    It is also not that if u play a chord at different ways/frets one will sound high/low than the other only thing is that it will get inverted as i taled about in the beginning.

    Hope this satisfies u.

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