How Hendrix killed "The God"!!

Discussion in 'Music Talk' started by jimihndrx, May 23, 2012.

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    Who made Eric Clapton the god?
    There were quite a few flamenco and jazz players of that era who were more capable than the "slow hands".
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    Hehehe!not me alpha1 the guy in the clip mentioned it. Agreed with your comment.. indeed he was a "slow hands":)
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    Capable is too relative a term. Eric Clapton was a peoples musician, one who people came to watch (which, in the end, is what you're playing for isn't it?). "The God" is not unlike "The Wall" or "the little master" or any other phrase that catches is Mr. Slowhand. I've never been that big a fan but I've been a fan of countless musicians who were influenced by him.

    Also, not sure if people know this but Mr. Slowhand was a title he got from a concert where he was changing a string on his guitar and it was taking him really long...and stuck because it was amusing and a contrast to his playing style.
  5. alpha1

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    I agree, anyway God is also a people's (masses) thing. So they are free to name anyone ...

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