How does youTube make money??

Discussion in 'The ChitChat Lounge' started by KannadaBoi, Jul 19, 2007.

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    One more thing I thought about was that via these uploaded videos, youtube or rather google can earn ad money.

    No not by those annoying javascript pop-ups etc.

    But by adding the ad content inside the video itself. (may be in the small corner of the screen, or may be for 1-2 sec in the beginging of the video).

    And anyway, internet video is supposed to be the entertainment of tomorrow. Just like TV right now. You can imagine the monies Google will make as a broadcaster.
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    yea thts rite.... but sumthin tht i wud like to share is tht..

    u wud c tht youtube has more then million users on... they not only post homemeade videos but also commercials on it.... u can find many commercials tht many companies use as a source of advert.... millions of users at one place... which place can be better then postin ur own advert

    u c its not only about advertisement... google is powering youtube to work.. cuz u can c they have an option of singing in through google acct... google.. sooo its like google is payed youtube money as in order to represent themselves as da main service providers of youtube..

    and the rest just like alpha 1 said.. and plz all wht i said was wht i think in my opinion... in reality god knows how they get money...

    but anyways nice question though
  4. suha52

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    Yeah They make money by advertising on their site. The people who pay them to advertise on their site most likely make a lot as it is. Whoever is advertised on the site send the money through the mail or some other way.
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  5. alpha1

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    Good heavens, I was so right about the direction YOUTUBE will take.
    Today all videos are the way I "foretold" them to be (by gazing into my crystal ball).
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    haha, I am honestly impressed!
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