how do you record?

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  1. sukrut

    sukrut God Guitarist

    i have listened to all these great recordings posted here. i just cant get the same quality of recording with my headphone mike. do i have to use a good mike or a good software??? please reply...
  2. vbpart4

    vbpart4 "the one"

    idk ill buy a mic today..i record frm my fone blehhh
  3. laneymaney

    laneymaney Banned

    umm i use a PG57 shure mic and mic my amp....and as long as there is no extra noise from the amp...theres no noise in my recording..

    As for software
    google "audacity" its the best free software ever! even though ive got Cubase i still use audacity cus its really easy and good!

    If you need more help PM me,
  4. madhu85

    madhu85 New Member

    true... audacity is da best
    i also used it 4 long tym

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