How do u tune an Electic Guitar

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  1. Satanic Velkrow

    Satanic Velkrow New Member

    Hey guys i need help wit my Guitar ...i need to noe how to tune it ...can someone help me out ?? thanx
  2. i am waleed

    i am waleed New Member

    get an electric tuner. or try to find some sites where they might play the sound and u can tune ur guitar according to that. try searching on google. impretty sure there are sites.
  3. Quadrophenia

    Quadrophenia New Member

    there are variety of methods..
    1) download tuning software..this requires u to listen to a note eg: E and then u can tune the rest of the strings after tuning the lowest string to e.
    2) if you have an effects pedal, it MITE have a tuning function..i know mine does..not all will.
    3)the hardest method,,but the best to remember the E humming it..but this obviously requires u to remember the E note.
    Good Luck.
  4. sukrit_7

    sukrit_7 New Member

    Quadrophenia is rite .. the last method is wat u ll get aftr sometime bt til then u cud use a tuner .. as in tune it t the sound
    u ll get something frm just type in tuner ..
    or u cud send me ur e mail through a personal message n i ll send the software t u ..
  5. ssslayer

    ssslayer Banned

    hey the basics of tuning the guitar are:
    1. one of the string needs to be in tune (i.e. some standard freq) ... or if it is not it doesn't matter as long as u are not playing along with someone ...
    2. now assuming u fix the frequency of one string ... u tune the others using it ...
    3. lets say u fixed the thinnset string - called "e" string beacuse it denoted e note ...
    4. now u tune the second string ... called "b" string by adjusting the tension in the wire ... and bring the 5th fret note equal to the opne 1st string ...
    5. 3rd string 4th fret = 2nd open string
    6. 4th string 5th fret = 3rd string open
    7. 5th string 5th fret = 4th open
    8. 6th string 5th fret = 5th open string

    u may haveto repeat the procedure agin since some strings might not be tuned yet ...

    thats all to tuning the guitar ...
  6. taimurabid

    taimurabid New Member

    hiz yarr just go to and search for AP Tuner.. ull find it download that and plug in ur mic and keep it infront of ur guitar or plug ur guitarz lead in the mic jack and play a string.. itll tell u what to do...

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