How do u synchronize instruments!!!

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    K, recently me n my friend (both beginers, me on guit n he on synth) tried to play together for a song. But none of us could figure out, exactly where the guitaring part should come n where the synth should come in. I mean i could tab all the stuff that he was playing on the synth. So my question is, how exactly fo u know, which part should be played by whom?

    n yes,.... listenin to the song again n again wasnt helpin, the original uses hell loads of instruments n effects.

    Pls advice.
  2. ssslayer

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    which song?
  3. ssslayer

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    b.t.w if u play acoustic then wherever the sharp attack is required play guitar ... play symth wherever strings are ther in the original track ...

    if u ahave electric ... then play guitar wherever u need distortion ... synth dist sounds yuckk ... so it cannot ...

    basically try to cover everything on synth ... whatever gets left out play on guitar :grin:

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