How do u play this?

Discussion in 'Beginner's Q&A Forum' started by Liquid, Jul 13, 2004.

  1. Liquid

    Liquid New Member

    A (556777)

    i would really apreciate it if someone told me how to play this chord...and plz include which finger on which string...

  2. jayanth

    jayanth <.: : Call Quits : :.>

    Thats not the A Chord.. The A chord is (577655)

    Here Place you index finger across all the strings on the 5th fret. Place the Middle finger on ther 6th fret on thethird string.. THen Place the Ring finger on the 7th fret on the 4th string and the Pinky on the 7th fret of the 5th string..
  3. Liquid

    Liquid New Member

    hmm...odd..i just saw that chord in a song... dont remember which one :eek: ..and was wondering...but thanks...i guess that person messed up..

    but i do have a question on these "type" of chords....

    kinda hard to explain though :eek: it better to stick ur index finger way over the top of the guitar...or better to just reach it at the tip...(it makes a difference for the first two strings for me)

    ok maybe that makes no sense really...but im still a beginner....and ive tried both of those ways...none is perfect...

    i also read that its better to trn ur finger sideways...any other advice?

  4. jayanth

    jayanth <.: : Call Quits : :.>

    A little slant not fully bent though.. Cause it will restrict you from chord changes.. See i play them straight cause of practice..
  5. Liquid

    Liquid New Member

    hmm....i turned my finger sideways....pretty much the whole way....and i was abe to play it without muting the b string....i can prety much reach it while its stright....but then the b string gets muted...

    but thanks....i guess ill just have to practice more and more...
  6. Liquid

    Liquid New Member

    okie do u play this?


    again...the fingers would be nice plz
  7. jayanth

    jayanth <.: : Call Quits : :.>

    Similar to the open a chord. Place your index finger across all strings on the 5th fret. Then place the other three finger on the 7th frets of the 4th 3rd and 2nd strings respectively. Hold the position and play the chord..

    About the barring, There is no shortcut.. COmes with practice..
  8. Liquid

    Liquid New Member

    thanks...appreciate it...

    hmm...this one seems a bit harder then the A chord...

    when doing these barre chords....its actually the middle finger that i mess up mutes te b string...ahhh....

    i know i know...practice practice...

    but thanks again
  9. jayanth

    jayanth <.: : Call Quits : :.>

    He he.. Let me also sya this.. PRACTICE is the only solution..
  10. Liquid

    Liquid New Member

    just long u been playing?
  11. jayanth

    jayanth <.: : Call Quits : :.>

    ME been playing fro about 4 years now...
  12. guitar_gal

    guitar_gal New Member

    FOUR?????????? :confused: i thot u said 8 b4!!!
  13. jayanth

    jayanth <.: : Call Quits : :.>

    No If i played for 8 years and 6 years of keyboard before that, I would have started playing RUSH and Floyd at the Age 4.. Ok thats Impossible.. He he.. I didnt know how to pronounce Comfartably Numb at that age..
  14. death_metal_fan

    death_metal_fan oh goody, it's a woody!

    I've been playing for 2 years now and I can manage barre chords pretty easily. Here's how I learnt to play them.

    Practice closing all 6 strings with your index finger. Play it again and again and again until you can sound all 6 easily. Once you get that down, practice moving the barre down to the next fret and play it making all 6 strings sound. Once you can comfortably shift the barre, practice holding the actual chord position. Go slow, one finger at a time because some barre chords require long stretches. In time you will find it extremely easy and laugh at why you found it so hard before.

    Once you get the basic barre pattern comfortably, making barres with the other fingers is just a matter of practice. For example I can make a barre chord on the G B e strings using just my pinky finger. Those will take practice but the most commonly used barre chords i.e. the ones played using the index finger as a barre are an absolute must for any guitar player.
  15. esgallindeion

    esgallindeion Minstrel Knight

    Some people find playing the dmaj type of barre chords in this manner - index finger as barre and ring finger for 2, 3 and 4th strings. Use your ring finger somewhat like u use ur index finger...

    And practice.
  16. guitar_gal

    guitar_gal New Member

    @jay, oh well, i rmber u tellin me uv been playin da guitar since u wer 10.. mebbe it waz a typo.. neva mind.
  17. tejas

    tejas ..........

    I've been playing for 1 year and two months now, and i can play barre chords with ease.
    There wasn't any particular method i followed to learn them faster, I just practiced and eventually, got the hang of it.
  18. jayanth

    jayanth <.: : Call Quits : :.>

    Yhea.. The basic patters are same only the fret position changes. Like DMF said just practice..

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