how do i play this?

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  1. Liquid

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    yes....another question in liquids long way to learn the

    i was do u play this part of the song in aik din ayege



    the part with the 9 - 0 -9

    i make a chord for the first part....and then just strum...but when i get to the 9 - 0 -.....its really weird to move the fingers and all.....and get it back alligned to finish the last part of the song....

    can sum1 gimme a breakdown of how to do it....just say it using fingers ( slide index fingere here....move middle finger that )

    help is greatly appreciated....thanks
  2. d_ist_urb_ed

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    I had no problems in playing it, ok, i'll try to explain to you how i did it after the first part. First of all i want to know how you hold a power chord, i place the little finger and the third finger on the 9th fret and the index finger on the 7th fret. Ok when moving from the first part to the second part, after you strike the last note in the first part, i.e 9th fret G string, move your third finger to 9th fret E string and little finger to 9th fret D string. Then when you're playing the open strings in the third part, bring your little and third finger back to position. Sounds complicated but isnt, believe me.
  3. Liquid

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    ok thanks ill give it a try

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