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Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by slashboyin, Dec 3, 2005.

  1. slashboyin

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    How do i connect an electric guitar to a computer? i got the cable. but do i compulsorily need amps? is it possible to get a sufficiently loud output without amps? please let me know all he possibilities of connecting it. :help:
  2. thecoolone

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    well u can connect ur guitar to the PC's line in.
    there are plenty of digital processors available on the net like
    Guitar FX
    Native Instruments Guitar Rig
    MusicLab RealGuitar VSTi to name a few.
    and regarding the sound output, as long as u have a good sound card the output is loud enough and u dnt need any amps !
  3. anjaane

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    Impedance matching

    There may be impedance mismatch between the line in on PC and the guitar out. You'd be better off connecting some sort of processor in between. Line in inputs typically are very low with high impedance, while guitar output is low impedance.. Give it a shot, but make sure that the guitar volume is set very close to 0, and then increase it very gradually..
  4. DrSaurabh

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    the easierst way to connect ur guitart to ur pc is thru the line in like everybody heres told u
    but the problem with taht is the guitar will have a 1/2 inch pin while the pc will have a 1/4 inch jack...u can simply correct that with an adapter...its easily available
    u can use various software to create guitar fx.
    but if u have amps and a processor u can use the line out of ur amps and u can connect that to your PC , assuming u wanna record..directly....
  5. Nanda

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    Hey dude .. if u want to record some major stuff and want lots of processing .. check m audio site ... lots of products out there if u can spend so much money .. BUT they r worth it ... Hope i could get one of those !!!!!
  6. hindiRox

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    Buy a Stereo Cable.. But a 1/4" to 1/8" convertor.. Connect it.. SIMPLE!!
  7. abhijitnath

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    He'll overdrive his sound card
    Guitar cord levels are not line levels and can fry your sound card
    I'm sure all of us have tried it though:)...its still pretty dangerous
    Use a small mixer or connect your pedal in between.
  8. slashboyin

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    thanks for all the suggestions. i will try them out and let youl know about the outcome. as for frying the sound card.... thats not a problem. the pc is my friends ;-). And u a real doc? are reps given for asking good questions?

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