hoton se chulo - Prem Geet (1981) - simple strumming

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  1. jozko

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    Cover video on youtube -

    Today I came across great guitarist Kapil's chords on my hard disk for this lovely song. just 3 chords :) i guess he meant it for beginners. Haven't heard the original song for a long time now. So tried a simple rhythm and strumming pattern from memory
    excuse vocals. leave comments and corrections and share ur thoughts on the original jagjit singh song

    more details on youtube

    txh Kapil, i am ur big fan

    keywords (to aid search) - hothon hoton chulo choolo tum cover strum strumming pattern chords kapil srivastava Prem Geet video
  2. good one jozko....but why dont u try to sing on high pitches...
  3. vini

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    why ru going on posting one video after another? no one is stoppin u..but m just curious

  4. He is just helping beginners...
  5. jozko

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    thx Devilshly_Pur$ will try to improve. just a hobby though as i like these songs and guitar esp acoustic. some have PM ed that they learned a thing or two and encouraged. I learned a lot from their suggestions. I learn bits and pieces watching videos on net and posting videos is a practice in other forums where i post.

    @vini - videos r short and small and not demanding bandwidth. i try to strum 2-3 songs a day and learn a chord or 2. It consumes around an hour but practice helps. Personally it is a video log of my progress and an increased possibility to befriend similar minded people. Hope u don't mind

    thx for watching
  6. well said..dude.....
  7. sanju_strings

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    can u elaborate on chords pls tht shud help me thnx
  8. jozko

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    @sanju_strings The chords are E B and G#m hope u can play it straight away. chord changes r on video

    "little knowledge is dangerous thing" i know still I put some details below for people who find a tuned ( tuning is easy) guitar around and don't have access to classes or guitarist friends. Or u may be shy to go to classes or ask friends or think u r too old to learn. Still deep inside u may want to try songs like this. It brings more happiness in ur life. If u want to be a professional player or musician, always approach take professionals lessons and don't read below.

    This is my bit of understanding that i accumulated from Internet and maybe all wrong. I am an avid follower of Jayswami and Bandbaaja posts and Kishmus chords. I learn most from them.

    OK If u r starting, start on barre chords (the ones I am playing on video. basically pressing index finger across strings. Chords are harmonious mixing of notes usually associated with western music and instruments like keyboard, guitar). Barre chords aren't monsters as some think. In a short time it is as difficult as holding a toothbrush and brushing ur teeth left right up and down or diagonally. By learning a few Barre chord shapes (finger positions of fretting hand (hand pressing strings ) ), u can play many many chords and thousands of song in a short time on a guitar.

    This is based on this song

    strings		E A D G B e	E  A  D  G  B  e	E A D G B e
    		  frets 	     Notes		  fingers
    chords (barre)
      E		7 7 9 9 9 7	B  E  B  E  G# B	i i r r r i
      B		7 9 9 8 7 7	B  F# B  D# F# B	i r p m i i
      G#m		4 6 6 4 4 4  	G# D# G# B  D# G#	i r p i i i
    Note 1 : E A D G B e are in the order of thick to thin strings. u see that order when u hold the guitar and look down. Basically the strings are tuned to E A D G B e notes in standard tuning. Hence strings are sometimes called by that name. E and e are both notes of almost same nature but E is on thick string so is bass. e is on thin so treble

    Note 2 : fingers i = index, m = middle, r = ring, p = pinky (little)

    Note 3 : In left column E & B are short for E major chord and B major chord. G#m is G sharp minor

    Note 4: Frets are, for our purpose, gap between the several metal strips on guitar handle (looks like railway track). The one away from ur body is fret 1. Never put ur finger on top of the metal strip. strings will not ring well. So to play fret 1 on a string usually means press some finger on that string at the first gap, the one away from ur body and also try to get finger closer to the next metal strip towards ur body. MAke sure finger never over it.

    You will have noticed above that essentially there are three distinct notes in each chord. (I think u can also try playing these three notes simultaneously on a keyboard. i only have a mini keyboard and haven't tried it yet) You may leave playing E string in first chord of this song. Becos usually E or E major chord implies the bass note is E.

    This is how I play E - put index finger over all six strings at fret 7. together I put ring over three strings at fret 9. there is no single correct way of using fingers, but this seems most standard one.

    If string height is a problem, putting a capo on fret 3 will reduce it for our purpose.

    I hope u can make out other fingerings from chart above

    The song sounds good with 3 chords and is a great song to learn. When learning this song, u r infact learning around 30 chords!! and a strumming pattern which u may apply to similar songs. starters can think as learning 2 basic shapes. shape for G#m is very easy if u learned shape for B. When we play same the same shape for E a fret closer to our body, we have played chord F. If we play it away we have played D# chord.

    OMG been typing for an hour. have to stop now. if i left out any info or anyone has any questions ask or PM me. there could be typos, grammer mistakes as well. remember again that this is for those who want to play for fun. so start today

    Yes there will be pain initially for some days. It's like wearing a new shoes.
  9. vini

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    so u think ur progressing everyday, day by day, every next day?
    lol..ok i quit!
  10. jozko

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  11. Behush

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    Hey dude... cool vidoes man.... Cud you plz post the licks in Dil ko ... RHTDM or Ondera ... THNKX in advance

    Also It wud be nice if you cud post Chords of those songs
  12. jozko

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    thx a lot Behush. sorry for the delay, i forgot to reply as i went after munna bhai song. excuse me

    Here's what i was playing then

    main interlude

    Note: a = fret 10, b = 11 etc
    Note: I am tabbing from memory based on tamil version interlude. hindi has minor difference, i think
    Note: check with OST for exact notes and use fingering and frets comfortable to u.
    short one
    Licks mean riffs? interlude is riff or lick played after vocals in verse? Can somebody explain these with dilko/ondra as an example plz?

    I think I have made references to chords of all songs on youtube. If u need further help to locate them, plz let me know. thx
  13. Behush

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    thnkx bro.... for your response....:)
  14. jozko

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    welcome Behush. Plz always chk my postings againt OST for accuracy. I just put them without any theoretical basis. thx for giving me points!
  15. sanju_strings

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    tht helped

    for sure

    thnks mate

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