Hotel California (Karnal-a-fonia) Punjabi

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    I came across to 1 of most hilarous lyrics of all time.... Wht can i say... Its a classic...

    Song: Hotel California
    Panjabi Version: Karnal-a-fonia

    On the dark GT highway
    Pagdi patka in my hair
    Warm smell of some dhabas
    Rising up in the air
    Up ahead in the distance
    I saw a ttharra joint
    My head grew heavy and my sight grew dim
    I must have drunk over a pint
    There he stood in the drive way
    I heard his truck helper yell
    And I was thinking to myself
    This had to be Devinder Singh Behl
    Then he belched, and scratched his head
    And he was on the highway
    And the other drivers leaning from their truck car doors
    I thought I heard them say

    Welcome to the hotel Karnal-a-fonia
    Vaddi changi place (vaddi changi place)
    Vaddi changi place
    Massage, manicure, pedicure at Karnal-a-fonia
    Any kind of ear (any kind of ear)
    You can clean it here

    His car's grill was definitely twisted
    He's got a Maruti-Benz
    He's got a lot of petty petty MLAs
    Whom ! he calls friends
    Dancing bhangra in the courtyard
    See surdie sweat
    Some dancer is this Devinder
    Armpits stinking wet
    So I told the bell captain
    I's made a reservation online
    And he said, oye khoteyya our internet hasnt worked at all
    Since Y2K - 1999
    And still those drivers were calling from the drive way
    Woke me in the middle of the night
    I know I heard them say

    Welcome to the hotel Karnal-a-fonia
    Itthey karlo rest (itthey karlo rest)
    Itthey karlo rest
    Aish karo at the hotel Karnal-a-fonia
    Kudi umr bais (kudi umr bais)
    Will serve you nice

    Daler on the ceiling
    And on the walls in every guise
    And waitresses dressed like actresses
    From flicks of Subhash Ghai's
    And in the downstairs canteen
    I sat down for my meal
    Butter chicken, and sarson da saag
    Had a shock when they showed me the bill
    Looking for help I saw Devinder
    Dancing wildly on the floor
    I had to find my hostess back
    Oh where is! this Gurpreet Kaur?
    Relax said Milkha Singh
    Play golf with my son Jeev
    Tu ban gaya Punjab da puttar
    Now you cant ever leave

    So here I am,
    Wasting life at the Hotel Karnal-a-fonia
    Vaddi changi place (vaddi changi place)
    Vaddi changi place

    Converted to member of Hotel Karnal-a-fonia
    Whoever arrives (whoever arrives)
    Stays till he dies !!!
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    hahahah very nice bro.
  3. Aka Oz

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    gooood one ,,,YA rock
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    done to death..zzzz

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