Hotel California by The Eagles

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  1. ponnuangel

    ponnuangel New Member

    This is a very nice section to practice Picking the Chords. Try
    I've a number of pdf material for guitar. If anyone need please don't hesitate to ask. But please do mention your Real name and address with phone no.
    My No.9994180101

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  2. born2tab

    born2tab rhythm guitarist

    Hi the pdf is good.
    But you shud not mention your phone nos. or mail ids here.

    Any ways welcome to IGT
  3. $aGaR

    $aGaR New Member


    Hey friend

    my name is sagar gulani and i am just a new biginner in guitar i just learned a bit about guitar

    so if its possible for you tell me some good exersice

    easy songs to practice with chords

    do whatever help you can to improve me i promised my grl frd that i ll play on her b'day some good songs

    so plz plz plz help

    i ll never forget your kind support

    wid luv sugar boy
  4. nazr

    nazr angel is my genital..

    Vital stats?
  5. swati_mltr

    swati_mltr New Member


    Hey plz can u post sum songs in staff notation...I wud b greatful..thanx...
  6. AceRoom

    AceRoom Future Grammy Winner

    When you're posting other ppl's transcribed works, please give them credit.
    The tab posted by ponnuangel was by "Roadkill."

    For $aGaR, you can download powertab editor (It's a free guitar tablature program with the staff notation) for free. Then you can download files made for that. You can even play the tabs so you know what the song sounds like if you haven't heard it. You can download the program at and tabs at
  7. geniusoid

    geniusoid Acoustic Alchemist

    i dont wanna sound ghisa pitaa now, but i`ll still maintain - if u need tabs to play simple songs, maybe u`re just not good enough - once u`re there, u wont need those tabs!

    Practise man! tell ur gf tht u`ll play some exercises off a Melbay or a Manoloff and that an etude or a scale means much more now than playing "chura liye" on A Minor for u now!
  8. roopsinha

    roopsinha New Member

    hotel california

    can u send me pdf. for the song, sung by Bryan Adams, please forgive me, i can't stop loving you.

    My Name is Roop May Sinha
    My phone no. is 9885803996
    place. Hyderabad(india):beer:
  9. nirabagrawal

    nirabagrawal New Member

    hi fren... my name is Nirab Agrawal . am from Nepal ..
    i need the lead of hotel california old version....
    the lead is awesome.... but quite hard to play...
    so if u can help me then plz
    mail me at:
    cell no.:00977-9842033945
  10. faiqrock

    faiqrock XaiQ

    Welcome to IGT...
    btw nice upload
  11. slipwell

    slipwell New Member

    Thank you

    Nice version !


  12. krish1234

    krish1234 New Member

    hello.the tabs of the solo can not be easily played on tabs as there are many techniques like slide,hammer-on,pull-off,so u can watch the video for the solo on
  13. rajiv.rajiv

    rajiv.rajiv New Member

    Thanks for the pdf music sheet.....
  14. ersankocak

    ersankocak New Member

    thanks for the pdf format of Hotel California
  15. leo5271

    leo5271 New Member


    I am a new user. found very useful
  16. chetan133

    chetan133 New Member



    This is Chetan Kalani..I am learning guitar.. I hope that this material will help me..
    Can you please send me the material to this Id -

  17. rupammon

    rupammon New Member

    Its great

  18. froz33n_heart

    froz33n_heart New Member

    Hello Am Vijay
    Of Place Hyderbad
    And Number 9291531437, I would Like to Have Those PDF ,Can you Mail me at .

    Thank You
  19. J.Mercylin

    J.Mercylin New Member

    Hey awesome work, sud appreciate it.

  20. guitarist_boy

    guitarist_boy New Member

    for all beginer if u want to know chord relation /exercise contact with me on id is :mahdisylhet

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