Hot Curry addiction

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  1. Some people are addicted to the devils medicine (alcohol) and some to his dandruff but me I am only addicted to hot curries.

    Frankly English food apart from the odd roast lamb/ yorkshire pud or occasional fish and chips is so bland that the only useful purpose is to fill a hole. Preferably somewhere back of my garden.

    So the only food that i enjoy eating and find completely satisfying is a strong hot curry.

    Unfortunately I have started getting stomach problems and got the dreaded warning from my GP to stop eating hot curries. And guess what. I have been ordered to eat English food. Its true medicine is not supposed to taste nice.

    Although I promised him to stop eating hot curries I am afraid I just cant resist the temptation because I am genuninely adicted and get symtoms similar to a junky.

    Since you guys are more experienced, can any one out there know a cure or better still something that will stop my stomach problem.
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    Most prob the problem is beacause the immense acidity spicy food causes.
    Usually in India it is traditional to drink milk/eat curd/yoghurt etc at night (and afternoon also) after spicy meals.
    I guess they act as neutralizer.

    Have them.

    Besides, its not everyday that we eat hot curries.
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    Chicken Tikka Masala...followed by Chaas owns
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    aaahhh just the other day i was reading these food related urban myths on msn news .. (cant find the link) it said that curry and other spicy food cannot be the reason for somach ulcers/similar stuff ...
    so maybe .. go for a second opinion ... brit GP's are worthless anyway .. but since my dad had similar probs ..i have seen him consume large quantities of milk and yoghurt .. try that ... (greek yoghurt (ubley) + curry go very well together!) :)
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    i wrk as a chef i honestly believe if u cut a dog n throw it in oven n cook it

    sum seasoning of salt n pepper n serve it as a roast join to english ppl

    they vll eat tht too

    they only eat meat :p:

    english food is shit

    ps-->i dun no how u vll survive waleed

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