Hosanna lead guitar notes

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  1. premkumar2012

    premkumar2012 New Member

    can anyone PLEASE post the lead guitar notes for hosanna??

    search in youtube for "hosanna unplugged".. a guy plays the song. its awesome..
  2. premkumar2012

    premkumar2012 New Member


    No one here to help?? :(
  3. shyamprassadtr

    shyamprassadtr New Member


    Hi All, new to this forum..
  4. jpreethidevotta

    jpreethidevotta New Member

    I saw the video..if u have can u post the notes for the main song...??
  5. joeljohn

    joeljohn New Member

    guys i too saw the video but i managed to get the lead part just by seein it...just look at the video again and again you will get it....
  6. ramviyas

    ramviyas New Member

    Here's the link

    Visit Keylessonline website. notes for Hosaana is available there. I'm not able to post the link. Just type keylessonline+hosaana in google. And check The first link!

  7. janasinbox

    janasinbox New Member

    Hosanna Chords

    Play the open chords G-Em-C-D



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