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  1. ronnieanand

    ronnieanand n00bier th@n th0u

    The recording quality I get out of my office given Laptop and Goldwave Demo version is HORRIBLE. I have another stupid old PC at home loaded with Celeron Processor running maybe on the ranges of 300 MHz, which I dont use. I can do some simple upgrade but I dont think I can buy any good softwares. At the most I'd try some other demo software or p.i.r.a.t.e.d if somebody gives me. As of now I dont have any :)

    I have created myself a gmail account and uploaded the recording in the Inbox.

    Username: ronnieanand
    Password: bandaid

    I usually play Blues Rock in a Greatful Dead kind of getting lost in improvisational style. Since most of you guys listen to Metal, I have recorded my version of Paranoid solo. That's the hardest and heaviest song I know to play.

    I know the recording quality is pathetic and that's the whole point of this thread. I dont know what basic comp requirements I require to get a decent and cheap home studio. Somebody please help me.

    I checked out similar threads but I didn't find a thread that talks about a whole setup (Both hardware and software)
  2. ronnieanand

    ronnieanand n00bier th@n th0u

    I thought lot of guys do home recording and would help me.
  3. kevin002

    kevin002 New Member

    dude....i heard your solo and to be honest that quality is pretty bad since i assume you are using a mic in front of your amp. The best thing to fix the muffled sound, is to get yourself a input adapter (one end lets you plug in a patch cable and the other end is a headphone input). You probably know this already, but what you do is to plug in the guitar patch cable into the adapter and run the adapter into the mic input of your laptop. IN this way you'll be recording straight into your computer and avoid all background noise and static etc..

    As for the software, I use Cool Edit Pro 2.6 which is awesome to get decent clear cut recordings for demos and whatnot. You can dowload this program from Kazaa or any other file sharing software. It's around 25 MB or something. But it has all the needed mixing options such as delay, reverb, mastering options etc etc...and MOST IMPORTANTLY ALLOWS YOU TO MULTITRACK..

    Anyways hope that helped....let me know if it works out.

  4. ronnieanand

    ronnieanand n00bier th@n th0u

    Hi Kevin,
    I actually went through the cable to the mic input in my laptop. It doesn't have a Line In. I have a PC at home which I can upgrade, so what'd be the minimum requirements for the PC to have a decent home studio. My PC walks at around 300MHz with 64KB Main memory. It's got a 40GB hard disk. I know the latest configurations but dont have cash to invest now. So I am looking at the minimum require upgrade with the minimum cost. So I need a good suggestion on that. I asked a couple of people and people are giving me a list which expects me to shell about Rs.20,000. I dont think I can shell more than 10 grand as of now. I heard your A Minor Jam and I would feel great if I can get that kind of recording quality.
  5. jayswami

    jayswami Blue J

    u need 512MB of ram at least, a p4,harddisk speed of 7200rpms a adecent usb or firewire audio interface and software like cakewalk etc. then for recoding vocals u need a decent mic ,like shure sm58 etc. how many inputs and outputs u want depends on yoru needs.. fi u r synth or guitar player whether u play alone or with a band etc
    http://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/Saffire/ is a good 2/2 firewire interface.

    for 2/2 i would say go for digidesign MbOX
    its around 500 bucks, and its a pro tools le system!
    there r many good softwares these days
    like cubase,sonar,digital performer (for the mac), and of course pro tools, which i use.
  6. kevin002

    kevin002 New Member

    the system and softwares jay mentioned would be perfect for home recording but since your tight on funds your best bet is to atleast shoot for :
    - 256MB RAM
    - and 1 Ghz

    my comp runs on the same specs @ the moment....

    as for the Aminor jam that I recorded, it was done on my GNX3 Workstation which has a 8 track recorder built in, and then I basically transferred it to the comp...

    Your other option is to find a 4 or 6 channel mixer and play around with the levels to get a clean mix.

    Anyways let me know how it goes....

    Keep the blues coming.....

  7. dennis

    dennis The Bhangra King

    darn, i missed this thread.
    k..ronnie, u have heard my recordings..the quality is pretty decent(nothing fancy though) but heres my confg.
    P3 700 Mhz
    128 mb ram
    multiquence for recording., multi tracking etc.
    ...this is pretty decent..and cheap .
  8. Demonstealer

    Demonstealer New Member

    M-Box is 25000 not Rs.500

    But yourself an M-audio audiophile its 14k in bombay if u can get it frmo the states its 7k i think

    Computer get a P IV get atleast 200gb or 250gb HHDD buy youself a GB of ram its the best thing. Download pirated versions of neundo or cool edit 2
    buy an SM57 and an audio buddy mic preamp and your set to record great sounding guitars forever.

    For the speakers get a decent set of studioi monitors with amp for 20k
    otherwise buy a cheap amp and use deck ka speakers it will work.
  9. Demonstealer

    Demonstealer New Member

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