Home Recording want a drum beat machine software for editing or adding effects

Discussion in 'Beginner's Q&A Forum' started by zohaib, Sep 6, 2004.

  1. zohaib

    zohaib Shredder

    Hi There All
    Please suggest me some sotwares for home recording
    actually i play guitar
    and i also want a drum beat machine software so please also tell me any software for drum beat
    and also tell me which software i sdhould use for editing or adding effects

  2. cosmokorg

    cosmokorg New Member

    home recording software

    try cakewalk sonar, (www.cakewalk.com)
    protools(by DigiDesign) ( i think needs hardware as well) (http://www.protools.com/)

    if you have mac then the best one maybe Logic 6 - http://www.emagic.de(they have stopped Logic for windows from Logic 5.5)

    i haven't really personally used these yet but have heard.

    i may though have a peek at Logic 5.5 for Windows as i may be able to get a copy from a friend.

    i assume you would be able to edit sequenced MIDI data files as well with these at least.
    have a go at their trial versions at will.

  3. skaw

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  4. renegadestudios

    renegadestudios New Member

    Setup your OWN home studio

    brother... in this industry if u need to get out of crap and sound professional u have to invest time and money to learn. It aint easy but getting hands on experience is difficult. However despair not....

    build your own home studio

    I will guide u through

    get hold of a decent computer

    my baby is an
    AMD athlon 2.8
    1 GB ram
    120 GB HDD


    get the software
    I use nuendo 3.0
    reason 3.0
    fruityloops 5.o
    sonar producer edition 5.0

    get your guitars
    Yamaha Brand are my fave
    keyboards Yamaha PSR 740 though old doubles up as external MIDI keyboard


    you effects processor where in u can plug in your guitars
    I use Korg AX 300 and assorted BOSS effects


    Monitors speakers ... yamaha NS 10 for me but i also use crate audio

    small 8/12 channel mixer ...i use crate audio CMX 42 FX

    The over all expense in INR is close to 1.8 Lakh

    but dont despair with persistence you can have it all.. it took me 8 yrs to build it but i can get good professional recordings done at home....

    If u need any further help catch me again on this forum

  5. Nanda

    Nanda Bassist

    get fruity loops its the best drum sampler available ...... And use cakewalk ... for recording ...
    or sound forge ......

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