Homage to Jagjit Singh.

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    Jagjit Singh 1941-2011. We'll miss you. RIP.
    This is my favourite by him from the movie Sath Sath.

    (F)pyar mujh(C)se jo kiya (F)tumne tou kya (C)pao(F)gi
    Mere ha(C)laat ki aan(F)dhi mai bikhar (C)jaogi
    (F)Pyar mujh(C)se jo kiya (F)tumne tou kya (C)pao(F)gi

    (F)Ranjh or (Bb)dard ki bas(C)ti ka main ba(Bb)shin(C)da (F)hoon
    yeh tou bass (G)main hoon ki is (F)haal mai bhi (C)jinda (F)hoon
    Khuab kyon (F)dekhoon woh kal jis pe main shar(C)minda hoon
    (F)Main jo shar(C)minda huya (F)tum bhi tou shar(C)maougi
    Pyar mujhse jo kiya tumne tou kya paogi..

    (F)Ek main kya aa(C)yenge diwane kit(F)ne
    abhi goon(A)jenge muha(Gm)bbat ke tara(C)ne kit(F)ne
    Zindgi tumko sun(C)yegi fasa(F)ne kitne
    (F)Kyon samjh(Bb)ti ho mujhe (C)bhool nahin pao(F)gi

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    ... this may sound "filmy" but he is there in this world till his amazing songs are here
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    R.I.P Jagjit singh..I always felt deep pain in his voice whenever i heard him sing and will be immortal through his voice forever..n i guess thats the reflection of his inner world to have lost a teen age son at 18..However i think its Chitra Singh who is the 'suffer in silent' victim here..because of losing her son,daughter,losing her voice itself and now her husband..its really tragic! she herself is an amazing singer..n she cant even express her pain through singing as fate even snatched it from her..:(..makes me feel so damn sad at the same time realize the impermanence of everything about human life
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    R.I.P Jagjit Singh
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    Jagjit Singh - We will not be able to hear you live anymore but you will always remain in our heart..

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