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    Did you know that the guitar, in a form similar to the one that we know,was born in spain?There is even a mention of a "gitarer" that was played at the feast of Westminster in England in 1306! The very first guitar was ofcourse very small and had only four(4) pair of strings.Each pair was called a course and therefore it was a "four course" guitar!

    The early guitar was not considered a serious musical instrument at all, much in contrast to the popularity it enjoys today! Infact,that lute was one up on the guitar in those times,The guitars rise was slow but steady and in dur course of time a fifth pair of strings got added giving rise to an increase in the repertoire and the complexity of music.

    Single strings soon replaced double strings and another string got added,too.
    The sixstringed guitar was born!!.Now the guitar was worked upon and it was Manual Torres who increased the size and experimented with things that would improve the sound. He is considered the father of the modern guitar.

    But who took the guitar to the world? A musician named Segovia,who performed,transcribed,taught and discovered a tremendous amount of music.He actively encouraged others to write music especially for the guitar and by travelling and performing throughout the world, he brought respect and recognition to the instrument. In 1916 he performed at Ateneo,the most important concert hall in Madrid and laid to rest all speculation about whether a guitar had the volume for this type of venue and kind of recital.

    In 1946, gut strings became passe and nylon strings were put in. In the 1960s and 70s..the guitar became an icon of new generation.Rock musicians and pop stars discovered it with a vengeanace and the whole world followed suit. Today the guitar enjoys pride of place as the symbol of youth,passion and freedom! Wanna play??
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    its what i think shd be known!
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