Hip Hop or Hard Rock

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Hip Hop or Hard Rock

  1. Hip Hop

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  2. Hard Rock/Classic Rock

  1. guitarisfood

    guitarisfood New Member

    The new age has come of with hip hop music (no offense) and many follow this trend.. I am a classic rock fan who I believe rendered music for centuries to come. So I am here bored to know the poll and would be happy eitherways who wins.

    Hip Hop or Hard Rock Music
  2. metalmickey

    metalmickey New Member

    absolutely classic rock man....they are timeless classics.its like a vintage wine!!...whereas hip hop originated only in late 80's i believe......they sound/talk/rap the same shit except for one white boy who made a difference by callin/rappin bout wat a whore his mutha n wifey(kim) are!!! n guess wat?the whole world crownd him the PRINCE OF HIPHOP!!....guess most of my homies here know wo dat punk kid is!!....even i was huge in2 hiphop/rappin myself!!......but now i just mumble!!...i guess sumthin like RATM N LB minus da shitty linkin park shud still xist!!...hard hail ROCK!!....***,drugs/booze,ROCK n ROLL foreva!!........

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