Hindi songs that you two or three chords?

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  1. ankit4.u2000

    ankit4.u2000 New Member

    Hello Guyz,,
    I have just oined Guitar Tabs... Well I know the strumming patterns,, I know the Tabs use of frets know the chords, A Am E Em G D C as well

    Can some one tell me some hindi song which comprises of combination of 2 or three chords out of the above chords... It is an important stage for me as I am losing my charm now coz I am unable to play songs properly

    I have tried Oh Sanam by Lucky Ali
    Intro G C A D
    Lyrcs G C D . ..

    but still m unable to catch up the song correctly
    Please tell me some simple songs with some minor combinations
  2. Torvoraptor

    Torvoraptor New Member

    Make up your own
  3. rktpro

    rktpro New Member

    Well, you can go for Tu Jane Na.
    Goes like- G--E--Am--D
    Or-- Bakhuda Tum hi Ho--Chords used are D, A and G
  4. makarand1989

    makarand1989 New Member

    hey buddy dere r many songs which u can play on 'em,go for Duba Duba song by which will be pplayed on only major chords GDCD..
    also try out BC sutta,even i dnt kno rhythm of it but chords u'll get easily,if u get video for sutta den let me kno..

  5. Akash_Rajoria

    Akash_Rajoria New Member

    hum bewafa hargiz na the E,A,D

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