hindi music tabs dont sound like the original melody when I play it

Discussion in 'Beginner's Q&A Forum' started by XfusionGirl, Oct 16, 2004.

  1. XfusionGirl

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    I'm Isha. I'm new to the site. I'm from the states and I just bought a Fender Squire Strat Electric Guitar. It's a beginers guitar but love it. I'm learning tabs..and pretty much got the hang of it. The only problem is I'm too damn slow and none of the hindi music tabs sound like the original melody when I play it!!!! SOO...can anyone play some of the hindi tabs from this site and record it and send it to me? I would like to hear how its played. Thanks!

  2. gautam_njoy

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    well even i m new and much to comment on.. but then i have learned a lot...
    wat u have to do is juz listen to the song carefully and keep practising the tabs that u have of the song from this site...
    U will automatically get an hang of it and u wil slowly but surely learn it..
    Even i had a tough time interpreting the tabs out and synchronising it with the song but practice and careful listenin of the song wil surely help u out of this..
    juz keep tryin and u wil surely get it right..
    Anywaz if u still want any leeme know.. i have recorded some like kal ho na ho and ddlj.. the tabs r frm this site.. its juz dat while practicing i recorded o if u want wud forward it to u... newaz keep trying and njoy tabbing
  3. yep he's right to play the tabs on the guitar well n ensure that it sounds like the song u need two main thing:
    1. a well tuned guitar
    2. listen n know the song well
    when i first started playing i had that diff also but gradually am able to master guitar playing its easy provided u know the song the rests is a child's play.... for some guitar tabs where u need to change the tabs quickly n briskly practice will make u perfect so have patience n devote some time for ur passion
    long live good indian music.......i think..........
  4. mudgalbharat

    mudgalbharat Silence Must be Heard

    Hey Isha...i think there is a website...where u can listen to the guitar tabs...i cant recall the name...someone at IGT posted about it sometime back..

    i will tell u if i could recall..
  5. rizaaj

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    Another guitarist is in here

    Listen to me Isha,

    Firstly for learning a guitar, you need high will power, that is, never give up and keep trying.. coz jus givin up will not help you in anyway.. when first time i tried to learn guitar 3 years back, i broke my guitar in 1 month coz i was unable to play any melody..

    but one year later i bought a new guitar and then i dint lose hope and kept on trying until i was able to play any tune.. i hav a few sites for beginners, wich i used to learn, they might be helpful to you or any new guitarist....


    and another one is http://www.guitarnoise.com

    i think they will be useful
  6. XfusionGirl

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    thanks for those links. Yeah I'm in the verge of bashing my guitar..think this site will stop me from doing it! haha. thanks everyone for the replies! :rockon:
  7. call_of_ktulu41

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    A fender as ur first guitar ... not bad .. all my bro would let me have was his beat up acoustic for 3 years...dang!
    but seriously learning on the guitar is much easier...i found i could play barred chords easier on the electric and simply put the electric didnt hurt as much...
    enjoy urself with the strat..! damn!
  8. rabi_sultan

    rabi_sultan <Bulla Ki Jana>

    acoustics are much better to learn as a starter as the finger strength, stamina and speed build up much more quicker
  9. guns n roses

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    hey that guitarnoise.com site is awsome just take some lessons. Try www.guitartricks.com <<i think this is it<< and they got cool tricks.

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