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  1. nunusword

    nunusword New Member

    hey everybody.

    i have loads of tunes piled up over the years and i need a collaborater to work on some lyrics ....so calling all you "javed akthars" and "scholars".

    preferably located in B'lore....

    Will try and post coupla tunes on here too.
  2. karthik

    karthik New Member

    Hi. I write songs

    Hi Nunu,

    I stay in bangalore.

    Do give me a call at 9886116123. I do write songs, but on some tunes, which I have created myself. I would like to know the tunes which You have given, such that I can try my skills on your music.

    or you can mail me to kardan5380@yahoo.com

    I would like to know which kind of lyrics you are looking for. I shall wait for your response.

  3. karthikchandan.

    karthikchandan. New Member


    Hi the below mentioned email id is changed.
    it is kardan5380@gmail.com

    Karthik Chandan

  4. minakshi223002

    minakshi223002 New Member

    call 09800931800 for lyrics in hindi
  5. sandeepsharman

    sandeepsharman New Member


    hi sandeep here,

    Its nice that u have tunes, i am an vocalist ,rhythm guitarist, songwriter & composer.

    I want to do hindi album, bcoz my most of the songs are in hindi which have had composed & few of them are yet to compose.

    can u give ur contact plz or u can call me 9035222924

    i stay in bangalore

    looking for ur reply
  6. lyricist...

    lyricist... New Member

    lyricist-mohammed amin

    i am a hindi lyricist and i write all type of hindi song only
    like pop,rock,petroitic,ghazal,sufi,bhajan.album ad etc.

    mohammed amin

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