Hindi Cords with English cords

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    Hi All,

    I have started learning Guitar recently. My tutor teaches me cords in Hindi like Sa...Re...G...M...P...Dh...Ni...Sa... and when I look to this site, all cords are in English like A..Am.. etc. I am unable to understand. Can anyone correlate this Hindi Cords with English Cords which are used on this site?

    Thanks in advance

  2. JUDAS_666

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    First thing is learn to trust your teacher! If you can't, you're not gonna learn anything in life....Same holds true for music. Why didn't you ask your teacher? Or isn't a pupil allowed to ask anything in your music class?

    Second thing is , it's not CORD it's CHORD.....don't miss an H 'coz cord itself has some meaning.

    Third thing is, while searching for anything (whether net or anywhere), try to keep an inquisitive state of mind...know clearly what u want to search about

    Ok let me cut short my sarcasm, which I think has crossed it's limit...Sa,re,ga,ma that u learned from your teacher are notes of a scale..Whereas a Chord is combination of (usually 3) notes. I haven't learned the oriental music or taken any music lesson but as far as I know, the "Sa" note of our system is the "C" note. Have patience, your teacher will teach you all these in the coming days . Unless you quit the class or he/she throws u out for not paying the fees on time. :D

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