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Discussion in 'Hindi Guitar Tabs - Submit or Request' started by amit82cse, Jun 21, 2005.

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  1. Guitar_Rock

    Guitar_Rock New Member

    plz send me the birthday song chords dude my moms bday coming......
  2. abhiket

    abhiket New Member

    hey buddy
    can you send me the tabs for the song"dil ko tumse pyaar hua" from rehna hai tere dil me. i would be pleasedd if you send them in indian version( sa re ga ma) along with the rhythm.
    wiating 4 the reply
  3. anirudhjindal

    anirudhjindal New Member

    hi i have to perform socha hai of rock on on 3rd feb
    i have prepared the whole song except the lead part can u post it plz
    its the solo played by arjun rampal in the film which cums after the 1st paragraph
  4. shell_Guitar

    shell_Guitar New Member


    Hi there..
    Hello Everyone.. this is my first visit to this site..
  5. ramduiyer

    ramduiyer New Member

    Good job ...can u help me with the chords for the song "Aye Bachu" from Ghajini
  6. umi_rulez

    umi_rulez New Member

    abay tu banda hay kya jin hy
  7. ajit_kumar5009g

    ajit_kumar5009g New Member

    hello can any one give me tab for song name " yu toh gila nahi by jagjit singh" plz my email id is ajit_jiet@yahoo.com
  8. ajit_kumar5009g

    ajit_kumar5009g New Member

    hello can any one give me tab for song name " maine kiya hai irada by Vishal Shekher" it was his debut album..in 1990. plz my email id is ajit_jiet@yahoo.com
  9. ankitjoshi24

    ankitjoshi24 New Member

    hey Amit. Great work. Appreciate it a lot. I have just started learning and this forum of your's if of real great help. If possible can u post :pURANI JEANS aur GUITAR" & 'DON"

    if possible do mail them to me on ankitjoshi24@gmail.com

    Thanks dude. thanks a ton
  10. draseemmishra

    draseemmishra New Member

    pls give me the tabs of har ghadi badal rahi hai from kal ho na ho
    plz do it today kya pata kal ho na ho
  11. kurtisnotdead

    kurtisnotdead New Member

  12. Novice2Pro

    Novice2Pro New Member

  13. anandk11

    anandk11 New Member

    Great work.....thanks a lot
  14. wicky2009

    wicky2009 New Member

  15. bhargavmist

    bhargavmist New Member

    These tabs are really great, thanks for the good work.
  16. ravikiran184

    ravikiran184 New Member

    plz can u zgivez me the tabs for the all the songs of RHTDM. iam new to this site and iam not able to find out plz hlp me out.
  17. staffnotations

    staffnotations New Member

    hi amit

    lookig for tabs of "dil se" "dil sr re" n "e ajnabi" coudn't find can u help..... pls

    thanks man
  18. mowglixa

    mowglixa New Member

  19. sumitdurve

    sumitdurve New Member

    good work man !!! keep the good work going !!!!
  20. abhiseq.jha

    abhiseq.jha New Member

    i m just collecting ur good work....hope i can play those......
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