Hijr Masjid-o-mandir tabs and chords

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    hey people...these are just the chords for masjid-o-mandir.. awesome song by hijr ..dont think a lot of people know them...but just listen to the song..u;ll love it...
    this is really a very skecthy work..but it'll giv u an idea about the song...if u wanna play it...i'm really to lazy to do the entire thing..so just done some parts...if u'r still confused..then i'll do it properly..this is kinda my 2nd tab in IGT..so critics would be much appreciated...

    this is played a number of times in the background..
    keep on repeating this for some time..
    then the vocals come in
    Am Em G
    masjid o mandiron ki duniyaaon mein
    Am Em G
    mujhko pehechana kahan hai koi
    F C
    Roz mein hu aataaa...chand ban ke
    Suraj sa jagmagata hoon mein
    Am Em G
    Masjid o..........................

    That'll give u an idea...
    (i doubt there are many hijr fans out there...even though they;re such a good band..lets see....)

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