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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Rajesh shah, Apr 26, 2010.

  1. Rajesh shah

    Rajesh shah New Member

    i have learned guitar for 2 months. im the master of basic guitar.
    learning chords these days
  2. Tinker_bell

    Tinker_bell New Member

    Hi Rajesh ,

    Good to know u are well versed in the basics of guitar...I am fairly new...I mean brand new...hahah I do not even own a guitar yet >i want to do a lot of homewaork before i actually buy one---can u please advice me ?I would really appreciae your help.Thankyou.

    By the way , where are you from?
  3. vinn_kumar

    vinn_kumar New Member

    Congrats rajesh :0) ...

    N hi der Tinker_bell U r my pal.. V both r in same rostrum buddy. I'm damn damn new too.. No guitar, Almost blank abt d info..

    Rajesh plz provide us proper inputs as 2 wat needs 2 b done @ dis stage 2 learn guitar..!! I wud really appreciate ur concern N so wil Tinker_bell as well. . .

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