Hii TAMIL Friends !!

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  1. deepakhms

    deepakhms New Member

    Hii Friends ..

    I m Deepakh .. from Tamil Nadu ... I m working in HCL and put up in Noida .. Music being ma soul, took up guitar to quench my soul's thirst !!

    Just starting to learn Guitar .. and being in Noida .. I am exposed to more Hindi songs !!

    But Tamil being in blood with legends like Illayaraja n ARR from our land, I thought to learn their songs !!

    I am counting on ya all in this grp to get some assistance from ya all !! I will also do the max to help ya all !!

  2. suresh3v

    suresh3v New Member

    Hi Deepakh,

    You can get Tamil Song Notes in the below Website:

    Learn Here

    It has very Good Material for a new learner.

    Also has Tamil songs notes in PDF.

    I think it will help you to start up.

    Suresh V
  3. deepakhms

    deepakhms New Member

    Thanks a lot Suresh !!

    I have registered there .. but did not get the activation mail yet !!

    once I login there, will chk for the songs !!

    You rock dude !!

  4. rahulsahu

    rahulsahu New Member

    Hi Depakh

    Welcome to IGT ,

    Hope you Enjoy your time here, and learn new things , and possibly Share your Knowledge .
    Please Browse for Correct Section Before Posting Threads .

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