Highway 61 - The Music School (Pune)

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    Highway 61 - The Music School

    Music, Expression, Freedom

    Quality training:
    • The center has been established with the motive of providing quality music training.
    • As a quality policy, for all drum training we admit only one student per class, that is a one on one training and for guitar classes, the student teacher ratio will never exceed 3:1.
    • Training will be provided by handpicked faculty, with relevant teaching and performance experience.
    • 100% hands on training. Students will be provided with their own dedicated drum kit.
    • Percussion teacher has over 9 years of performance and music research experience.

    Structured approach:
    • Each student coming to the school will be counseled to a training program based on his/her existing skill level. Down the line, he/she can opt for genre specific training too.
    • Training is structured in phases of 12 weeks each.

    Make music:
    Most importantly, music is fun and it should stay that way. It is challenging too, when you can make your own music. At Highway 61, we are out to enjoy making music; we’re out to make true musicians.

    In wavering bands of ether
    Failed have time and space
    It’s a drive forever
    Without mark or trace

    A distant shade my shelter
    A faint memory of a sound
    Vista where no other
    But the soul I never found

    Cede I blues to the desire
    Plucked the naked sun
    Nowhere could I have found the power
    But for Highway 61

    - Arjun Mendhi

    Please PM me for contact details coz as I understand, we are not allowed to post them here. :)
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    can you teach me in a month???..im playin since a year n jus bought an electric a couple of months back..i really think i need good guidance..like someone who can sharpen my basics..im an mbbs student..so don have much time..in pune only for a month..so can you suggest anythin???..
  3. theghost

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    Goto Chris foncesa in fatimanagar 9823133670. Lead guitarist of Strange brew!!

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