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  1. kalychak

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    Hi namaste,vanakkam,namaskar,greetings to all from indianguitartabs.com fans,users&all of this forum
    i'm a newbie to guitar actually speaking i've no guitar but buying on 19th nov 2012
    i'm pissed because of many people & so i choosed that learning a musical instrument will make me relieve from all tensions i've
    presently preparing for exams to be on nov 2 to nov 18& then will start my practsing
    wish me all the best for my exams & also please help me as i'm a beginner
    thanks,dhanyavaadalu,dhanyavaadh,romba nandri,vanakkam

  2. Super-Admin

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    Vanakka Kalychak,

    Once you get your guitar head here, you'll find loads of people who'll help you. And all the very best for your exams.

    Cheers !
  3. kalychak

    kalychak New Member

    thanks my dear friend
    i have a question
    a person offered me to buy a guitar,he bought it just 3 months back but used it only for 3 classes
    i wanna buy that
    is it ok to buy that & price in between Rs:2,000 to 2,500 (second hand) na
    i mean how to choose that
    i'm a newbie & i'm learning to motivate myself & show my interest in music & not for concerts or anything
    is that guitar ok 4 me
    please help
    & thanks 4 wishing me 4 my exams
  4. rahulsahu

    rahulsahu New Member

    Welcome to IGT ,

    Hope you Enjoy your time here, and learn new things , and possibly Share your Knowledge .
    Please Browse for Correct Section Before Posting Threads .
  5. Welcome to IGT bro,
    You will have a lot of people here who come to learn and are more than happy to help.
    If the guitar you are considering is absolutely new, buy it.
    I personally would suggest you to go for a new guitar for sentimental reasons.
    Your first guitar will eventually become a part of your soul, and you can get a basic acoustic guitar from 3k onwards.
    Enjoy your stay here.

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