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  1. nik_bazinga14

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    Hi, i'm Nikhil, i live in mumbai. I've been plating guitar for just under 2 years, although i've played keyboard for 10 years, and i've completed all 8 grades of it.
    I'm on Jemsite, and the ESP forum, and now i'm here as well, considering the crown there is some 30 years older than me. Also, i find it's much easier to communicate with people who understand hindi curses. :p

    I'm a highly screwed up guitarist, with even more screwed up musical tastes.
    I play metal, like Children of Bodom, Avenged Sevenfold, Dream Theater, and Megadeth, but i cant play a single jazz line, i love metal, but CANNOT stand metallica, more specifically, Kirk Hammett.
    And lastly, i know damn near everything about guitars, and floating bridges, but i havent EVER changed my guitar's strings.
    I have school, and other stuff, so i dont have time, but still....
    Anyway, I have 3 guitars- one cheap, small granada acoustic which i gave to my sister, one fender kingman acoustic, and an ibanez RG370DXZ, with the Edge Zero 2 trem. I also have a Boss SD1 overdrive, and a Dunlop Crybaby. My amp is a bullshit Fender Mustang 2, sorry about my language.

    Anyway, hi. :)
  2. lordshreyas

    lordshreyas New Member

    So wat Was the Purpose of ur thread ?
  3. nik_bazinga14

    nik_bazinga14 New Member

    To say hi.
  4. alpha1

    alpha1 I BLUES!

    To say that Kirk Hammett sux.
  5. lordshreyas

    lordshreyas New Member

    Well I like Angus Young and Jimmy Page now so abuse kirk not much of a matter to me !!!!
  6. guitarplayer729

    guitarplayer729 New Member

    who said that it was meant to you

    why do u consider fender mustang 2 a bullshit amp
  7. alpha1

    alpha1 I BLUES!

    Angus Young is repetitive with the same ol' blues-rock'n'roll licks.

    Jimmy Page could not play in correct time while playing fast.


    Besides, your avatar still has Kirk Hammett
  8. sgt.misery

    sgt.misery New Member

    Hi nikhil....one of the biggest Megadeth fan here....\m/

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