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  1. gk123

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    Hi Sourabh,
    2222222222222222222 busy?
  2. saurabhguitar

    saurabhguitar Member

    Gk123,i think dis both songs dat u requested i listened..but still i think these r not made for playing on guitar..what u think?ask me such songs which r comfortable on guitar...if u want dat songs i wil definitely gv u..pls dont take it otherwise...
  3. alpha1

    alpha1 I BLUES!

    Yes gk123 we are busy ... but ... how did you know?
  4. gk123

    gk123 Member

    Re: Hi

    Not at all Dear, I thought for a while u must be engaged in your studies. You Know If I found no post from Sourabh on Marathi Guitar Post I fill some thing missing. Bu now I hope you should know that U hv lot of responsibility to keep this thread going and we are learning from you to keep Marathi song live on Guitar , at least in Goa.

    God Bless U!
    Rock on!!!
  5. saurabhguitar

    saurabhguitar Member

    No friend,i completed my studies and i am doing job..i am software professional...But whenever i get time i utilise it for my practice..and music is not just my hobby it is my passion...So,u only request me,response is assured......
  6. gk123

    gk123 Member

    Dear I m also working for a reputated company in Goa as a Logistics Manager- For me Music is my passion, As an when I get time I devote it for Music. Dear keep in touch.

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