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  1. sri.narayanan

    sri.narayanan New Member

    Hello all,
    Had a dream to learn guitar since childhood,its a reality now ;
    Just last week bought an ESP m50 ,a fender mustang 1 and officially began my guitar pursuit.
    The movie August Rush being the recent inspiration :)

    So any help for an enthusiastic beginner is much appreciated.
    I am currently located in chennai,TamilNadu.
    Folks from/who know chennai can suggest good guitar classes in chennai.
  2. sadmemories20

    sadmemories20 New Member

    Hi !
    I've just visited this forum. Happy to get acquainted with you. Thanks.
  3. herbert

    herbert New Member

    Its good to have you here

    Its good to have you here. Dont have much experience myself but will help out in anyway i can, cause i've got the bug too.

    L&M guitar lessons search for the torrent and download it. Its really good.

    Happy Learning

    This goes out to you both sadmemories20 and sri.narayanan
  4. Dr.Henry

    Dr.Henry New Member

    Learning from a good teacher is a must but what is more important is to exchange ideas and share the little tricks one learns in playing music. So do create time to share ideas at 'Music Unplugged". You are all invited to the 4th session of Music Unplugged @ 'The Corner Stone Hall' No.39, Besant Avenue, Adyar, Chennai - 600 020. (Ph. 9841049132) on 2nd April 2011 starting from 2pm to 8.30pm. Its Free for now and open to all musicians. We are providing as usual 3 acoustic electric guitars with amps, electric piano, 4 mikes, mixer and house PA. We also provide a DVD player for karaoke users. The genre of music is christian gospel, Hindi retro, unplugged fusion or world music, classical, country, jazz, unplugged rock and others but heavy metal/hard rock. You can bring your own instruments along if you prefer. The a/c facility can accommodate 100 people.
    But there is a catch in that the facility is for musicians who can perform 'somewhat!'. Do drop in and check out the facility. Tnx. Dr. Henry (henry_dr@hotmail.com)

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