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  1. shalini007

    shalini007 New Member

    Hello Friends..

    I am Shalini..I am in Bangalore..and just loved guitar and want to learn , I have no previous experince just that I love hearing and want to play the tunes.
    Please tell me where in Bangalore I can learn guitar as a complete Beginner.I just want to learn to play occassional tunes ..dont want to be a professional or so..I am located near Belandur..anything near to that or in Marathalli..?

    Also where can I buy a Good Guitar ??

    Thanks ..looking forward to all the support and help from the big studs here..

  2. distorted

    distorted satan

    I wish i were in banglore n cud teach u myself... Nehw, u can alwyz cum to me fr ANY kind of help... Refer to beginners forum on tips fr getting a gud guitar...

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