1. Yousuf_guitar

    Yousuf_guitar New Member

    hi...is there any one from Saudi Arabia
    i m a paki in saudi arabia...in dammam city
    peace out
  2. rizaaj

    rizaaj Forum Leader

    Hey Yo

    Hello Yousif..

    Im Raza From Bahrain ,, close to saudia....

  3. Yousuf_guitar

    Yousuf_guitar New Member

    well close enough....only 45 minutes drive from dammam 2 Bahrain....
    whats ur age
    i m 14
  4. rizaaj

    rizaaj Forum Leader

    im 20, hav u ever been to bahrain????

    and wat do you do there in dammam?
  5. Muz guitarist

    Muz guitarist New Member

    Hey Yousuf I Am 13 Years Old....
    And I Am Confermed That I Play Guitar Better Then You...
    Its A Challange To You........
    But Yaar The Problem Is That I Live In Pakistan:(
  6. Yousuf_guitar

    Yousuf_guitar New Member

    Hey Rizaaj & Muz Guitarist......
    thanx for ur replies....
    Dammam is a boring city nothin much to do......
    yaar muz guitarst how can u say u play better guitar than me....u maybe playing well...but without knowin how can u say....
    any wayz i m also a paki ......karachiite
    i go 2 Karachi in Vacations
    c ya guyz

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