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  1. *Maharshi*

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    Hi, I have my friend's guitar temporarily and am trying to learn how to play it. It has only been 2 days and I can only play a couple single string tunes. The first one I learned was Karz...lol...just the theme...However, I want to be able to learn from the basics and not just playing random songs through tabs. I can read tabs, but don't understand chords yet. Can someone in here give me suggestion as to how to get started? I know that I won't be able to take any professional in person training right now. So maybe online is the way. I hope to learn myself and contribute what I have to all you.


  2. avins_castle

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    buy 1 1st....

    dude....i appreciate your interest in learning guitar. But you should buy one for urself coz it will motivate u a lot than learning with a friend's guitar.Now a days u can get a decent acoustic for 3.5K. once you have the gear, browse for a good guitar tutorial for beginners, then do the following

    1. Have patience (must)
    2. Know the fret board.
    2. Do finger exercises.
    3. Beginner's theory.
    4. Fool around with it wholeday :p.
    5. Repeat daily.

    Most of all...you need to listen to loads of music.

  3. rahuldewan

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    Hi!this is rahul. i'm very fond of playing guitar but i'm trying to master it so i hope this is gonna help me out . coz i've been playing and taking classes since past four five years couldn't make a real recognition.so i'm hopin my best from this site.

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