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    I am a new joineee here, wana be a part of the forum,

    Got to know somehow ( tell you the story later) and could find some great stuff to read

    I appriciate all those,

    Likes reading poerty since belong to a great city of AGRA ( originating place of Mirza Galib)
    Hence its natural for me to be a shayari and poems lover.

    That is why I am here

    see attachment...



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  2. CrYpTiC_angel

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    But the Intro forum is there for a reason. Once you introduce yourself there, there's no reason to create a thread in another forum to do the same.

    Why dont you post a poem (if you're written any) instead? If you don't wanna post a poem, then you could just comment on other people's poems, that's fine too.

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