Hi There - I am Rohan and new to guitar, wish me all the best

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Rohanp, Apr 28, 2010.

  1. Rohanp

    Rohanp New Member

    Hi There - I am Rohan and new to guitar, wish me all the best
  2. syedzaki

    syedzaki New Member


    Wish you all the best and also wish that you don't lose interest in Guitar. Most of the people while at initial stages loose interest, since they don't want to give sufficient time of practise and expect to play like Joe Satriani etc., So have enough patient to practise and build enough strength in your fretting hand fingers.

    All the best
  3. vinn_kumar

    vinn_kumar New Member

    Hey rohan I'm also new 2 dis.. Cud u plz suggest me hw 2 get started -how 2 buy guitar, whom 2 approach !!!! I kno nothin abt it. Please help me buddy
  4. syedzaki

    syedzaki New Member


    The type of Music you like to play decides what you should buy ie., Electric or Acoustic. Also your budget, how much you are ready to pay. If you decide for Electric you also need an amp to make your music sweet. It is preferrable to get a Guitar Case, what ever you buy so that it is not damaged. you also need Tuner (to tune your guitar), Metronome (a tic-toc sought of a thing to build a good time sense) to practise along, Picks incase you want to use one else go for finger picking but first start with a Pick. But before you buy one take help of a person who knows about guitars, also you too hold and feel whether it is comfortable for you. Last but important one., don't buy in a hurry.. if not today you can always but it tomarrow.

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