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    Can someone help me how to find the Scale of the song? Could you please explain with an example? It is much appreciated.

    I would like to say special thanks to all the seniros like sathya, Guitarsen, roentgen, Thamboo, etc..... for your efforts.,
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    Myrule seems to be a lurker for a while. Welcome to the board.

    I really don't know how to answer this question, it comes by experience.

    I am not sure whether this answer may help or not, I am just giving as hint for you to try.

    As a first step try to differentiate the mood of song by playing Major and Minor chord and figure whether it is a Major or Minor.

    Then figure out the chord. For eg., if you think it will be a minor, play the song in the audio player and try Cm, Dm, Em, Fm, Gm, Am. or C#m, D#m, F#m,G#m,A#m. One chord will sit comfortably with the mood ( I mean the key sound) of the whole song, most probably that will be scale.

    Eventually u will be able to narrow it down faster.
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    Hi Senthil,

    Thank you for the reply. I take down your hint and try to figure it out.

    Yes i was following this forum with the user ID prady1. But I coudln't post new threads or reply for your posts. I had problem with the activation of my ID I guess. So, I created new ID in the name myrules yesterday. Now I can post or reply to all your Posts. Your chords are nice to play:) Thank you so much.

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