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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by sridhar, May 11, 2008.

  1. sridhar

    sridhar New Member

    I am a new member to this group.
    Just started learning guitar. I am amazed to see so much talent here. this is an awesome site.
    Over the past 11/2 month, I just managed to learn and play a few chords like C, D, Dm, A, Am, G, E, Em..thats all..
    I am looking for some good hindi songs which are kind of simple to play using the above chords...it will motivate to learn and play more.

    Quick question: I was looking for neele neele ambar par song and managed to get the strumming pattern from one of the threads here.
    it has a Bb chord..can anyone tell me how this chord looks like?

    thank you guys.
  2. rajasunda

    rajasunda New Member

    Welcome to IGT Sridhar!! i think Bb of the top of my head is (X1333X)....others can clarify..enjoy buddy!
  3. sridhar

    sridhar New Member

    thanks for the Bb chord information rajasunda...
    let me know if you know any hindi songs with simple chords.

    a-random-walker.blogspot.com (check this blog for a nice little love story in progress..:)
  4. avi.singh

    avi.singh 6 strings lover

    kal ho na ho...
    papa kahatae hain..
    purani jeans
    pehla nasha
    ek ajnabi hsina se
    ye hawa kahati hai kya..

    these all are easy as for a tyro...
  5. sridhar

    sridhar New Member

    thanks for the list avi.singh. will try to search the chords and strumming pattern. i am sure they are there somewhere in this site..

    actually i boasted that i know to play guitar to my girl--------friend. she is coming over next month and that triggered me to learn..this site has become a savior to me...since past 11/2 month have been practising chords and now i started feeling nice as i am able to play a few simple chord sequences

    any simple romantic hindi songs guys???

    thanks a lot for your help

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