Hi, I guess everybody wanna know who is this new face in the crowd

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by kalakar, Jan 6, 2009.

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    Warm wishes for all in this New Year, I wish everybody here - who love music, to reach new dimensions in terms of creativity, harmony and compassion through music. I wish that everybody is able to dive deep down the ocean of music and come up with real pearls.

    Now, about myself. I am have been learning guitar since last 2 years in Mumbai. I am very much passionate about guitar, from a three note filler to a long solo on guitar, everything just takes me to the seventh sky. I had a Givson acoustic guitar earlier, now i have a Greg Bennet AV-3 electric guitar with a Marshall Amp. I really dream of practising hard and atleast do it for 5-6 hrs a day. well sometimes i spend my whole day with guitar, not just to practise others compositions but also to get something original out of me. And i must say that my compositions are not that bad...haha.

    I am looking for a guitar pedal, don't know much about them but really want to know. I would love to get some advice/tips on getting a good pedal. And one thing i missed to say that i am a huge fan of Band bajaa. he is just great.

    I will soon try to post some new threads for some songs.
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    Hi Kalakar how do u find ur AV3? whats the difff between AV3 & AV6?

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