hi i am sid i am a acoustic guitar player

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by siddude, Feb 2, 2016.

  1. siddude

    siddude New Member

    hello guyys i am siddharth from western UP just near delhi,
    And i am a acoustic guitar player,(both fingerstyle and chords)
    and guyys i am looking for a electric guitar set (guitar + nice amp) my budget is 22000 rupees
    i love playing and listening hard rock song of metallica and green day,
    i want a nice and heavy sounding distortion , good quality pickups for hard rock,
    tremolo would be a cherry on the top, and would be more obliged if the amp sounds nice and also has few amp effects with it tooo.

    please recommend me something called best.
    your efforts on samajseva will be highly respected by me.
    please help me out
  2. siddude

    siddude New Member

    and yup i forget to add one thing, i am also in need of some good guitarist friends, so you can send me friend request and i will try to help you whenever you will need help

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