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  1. delhiboy_83

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    hi to all, i am new in this forum can anyone tell me from where i can get the basic chords. i want to learn how to play guitar so plz help me from where i should start, i had bought a guitar my friend guide me for that. so plz plz plz help me.
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    Here we go again.

    Welcome to IGT and guitar world.

    Every newbie starts off with same kind of thread and gets same kind of replies,maybe you cd have gone thru the site and read few threads to get answer to that question.
    anyway...iam myself a beginner...so these are few steps i follow.

    1)Keep my Guitar in Tone.
    2)Use plucktrum.
    3)Always do finger exercises for atleast 10 mins...that increases ur range on fretboard and speed.
    4)Play chords.(you can go thru IGT tutorials in beginner section,u wd find whole lot of stuff there.
    5)Be dedicated...atleast spend an hour practicing even if u sound total Crap.

    Play on.

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    Do wt ^^^^walk alone said:grin:
  4. sanju_strings

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    can u elaborate on finger exercise wht exactly r thm ? :help:

    5th point mentioned is of utmost important

    ps-->nevr av a newbie guitarist as ur room mate :p:
  5. UjSen

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    ^^^^^^Ummm Why???
  6. walk_alone

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  7. #iR@


    welcome to IGT! :)
  8. abhimanjrekar

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    yea..wc to IGT...remember this first....IF U DONT LOVE UR GUITAR,UR GUITAR WONT LOVE U..so handle it properly..and in the initial stages,just practice for improving ur fingers speed and gettin a feel of the fretboard..don jump to chords early jus for the sake of playin songs early...be patient and ul get the sweet fruits of it..all the best.....
  9. delhiboy_83

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    thanks a lot guys

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