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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by aj_22, Dec 10, 2007.

  1. aj_22

    aj_22 New Member

    hey friends i need your help i am starting guitar classes i need to known
    which guitar i should go to buy.i hane a buget of Rs 2000-3900.
    plz help me.
  2. highstakes1989

    highstakes1989 New Member

    hi buddy! u shuld hv sum good guitar if u wanna learn playin it. well if u can manage sum more money i suggest u shuld look 4 yamaha guitar. u can get them around 4500. if u wanna stick 2 ur budget them go for givsson or hobmeraround 3000. they r also gud bt yamaha will b da best
  3. allen sebastian

    allen sebastian reverbnation.com/nissi

    a new product from korea has came to India that is GB&A it's a good one, my friend is using gb&a's bass one, it's also having rhythm guitar, acoustic, for yout budget u can get givson and gb&a and some locals...
  4. AtoZ

    AtoZ New Member

    Granda acoustic box guitar (indonesian made - Dreadnaught).. 3500... it is really good...

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