Hi guys! I'm new here!! :) would love to make friends!!

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Iwalkalone1, Apr 17, 2014.

  1. Iwalkalone1

    Iwalkalone1 New Member

    Im just another guitar fanatic like you guys. I play acoustic for now. But would buy electric this year. (thinking of epiphone lp100).
    Im a guy who's into blues and rock. My inspiration are jimmy page, slash, buckethead. I'm self-taught till now and its almost 1 year 2 months for me (started last year 2013 feb). I also have a soundcloud profile: https://soundcloud.com/amin122646

    Anyways wassup guys?? Would love to be friends with guitar fanatics :p
  2. Super-Admin

    Super-Admin Administrator Staff Member


    Went through some of your recordings. Brilliantly done, barring some glitches in recording. My personal favorite is 'Solo 4' :).

    Do let me know if there is any way we can be of your help.

    Cheers :)
  3. Iwalkalone1

    Iwalkalone1 New Member

    Hey thanks a ton for giving your time!! :) It means a lot!
    I need a bit of help here ! I can't decide which electric guitar to get!
    Here's my situation: I have Around 20K, I'm looking for a guitar which can play clean, blues as well as rock. I was thinking of les paul, but i don't have much idea about electric guitars. Can you please suggest? :)

    Thanks a ton!!! :D
  4. Arthas

    Arthas New Member

  5. leak

    leak New Member

    koool , me too ur friend rock on:). where are you from? i guess very few rockers from chennai :(
  6. Iwalkalone1

    Iwalkalone1 New Member

    Hey bro great! your voice is great as well! lol i could never sing and play both at the same time!! And your guitar sounds really amazing! Which brand is it? Im using a very cheap signature guitar! idk if its original or not...
  7. Iwalkalone1

    Iwalkalone1 New Member

    Hey !! im from kolkata! :)
  8. Arthas

    Arthas New Member

    Lol it was a pain in the arse in the beginning to co-ordinate both ... but gradually it works out :D .. thanks mate. ;) .. It's G&C brand.. foreign brand though.. u should go for foreign brands then.. enough indian brands :p .. they sound shit .. they're perfect for learning though. its long now.. u should really buy a new one.. u play solos really well...
  9. Iwalkalone1

    Iwalkalone1 New Member

    Yeah bro! just waiting for this stupid exam to finish. Im planning to buy an electric guitar, les paul model. Yes they really sound bad. :p
  10. Arthas

    Arthas New Member

    even when u buy a new one it sounds rusted xD
  11. Iwalkalone1

    Iwalkalone1 New Member

    yeap the fret buzzez! even when i put new strings..it takes a month to get over that buzzy sound
  12. Arthas

    Arthas New Member

    Lol its just that we get used to it and become passive :p
  13. Iwalkalone1

    Iwalkalone1 New Member

    :p lollolololololololol
  14. Grandad

    Grandad New Member

    HI newbie here from Delhi. started 2months ago and currently trying to work out chord changes(tough stuff :p).
    Sent friend request. Hoping to learn a things or two from you :D

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