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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Pickfingered, Aug 25, 2009.

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    Hi Gurus, Experts and co-beginners :)

    I'm a just born guitarist, living in USA just attended few classes to learn this one of the great and my favorite instrument. I have just learned what is what and how to hold the guitar, some basic chords (major, minor and 7s). Actually I'm an intermediate drummer too and still learning. To be frank with ya'll, I am not a giving type, but I was losing interests on guitar practicing everyday for an hour the samething CDEGAFB and finding difficulties changing frets and strings. But after I saw some videos on youtube and some scales here in IndianGuitarTabs.com I really gained interest back after playing couple lines from few songs like Vaseegara, Tujhe Dekha etc. Now I'm going crazy on learning some Tamizh old songs :) Now I feel little happy and proud by amazing my family and friends... Now on I'm not gonna give up :)

    So that's my introduction and wanted to share my feelings being here :) Thanks and everyone have fun with your gear!!

    And my special thanks to everyone sharing your talents here in this awesome website!!

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