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Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by vlada729, Jul 19, 2007.

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    Have some good stuff that i don't need (or don't use). So I wanna sell or exchange for something interesting (that includes guitars, amps, bass amps, etc...) List goes...
    1.Fender Highway 1 strat (upgraded, new wiring and p-ups but with a small headstock, quite rare)...just by chance, has the best middle pick up that i've heard recently. Red, but not the usual red, the colour has darkened nicely in the past 8 months...
    2.Ibanez Prestige Custom Shop-one of a kind (blue-green denim finish, something like on modern eagle PRS), pro setup in Charlie Chandlers in UK. some 10 yrs old, mint cond. Two hum's, floyd, gold hardware...Special wiring, custom wired pick ups...new prestiges can't come even close... thinnest ibanez neck ever...
    3.Fender Mex Precision bass...usual mex thing...black
    4.Vox AD15VT vavetronix modelling amp
    5.Marshall MG15dfx
    6. DOD 250 overdrive (a new reissue of a legendary overdrive)
    7. Zoom 7.1UT
    All in bangalore...and all in great cond. (or new)
    Call on 98453 85213 if u r serious...
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    Pics and prices of the Highway 1?

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