Hi Friendz Its band "Aghosh" we have come into this forum....

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  1. Aghosh Band

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    Hi everybody.we guyz r new to this forum & we are Professionals.

    This is our band we r two guyz know looking for others.

    Bilal :-Rock Vocals & lyrics

    Wijdan : - classical Vocals,Slow Vocals,Ryhtam Guitars & Composings.

    We have our own lyrics & composions.

    Our Lead Songs Will be "Humsafar" & "Yeh Waqt" for our first album

    This is Pakistani/Islamabad based band.

    if any of u is tallented in leed Guitars,Keyboard Or Drums so u can contact us

    on Aghosh1@live.com
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    welcome. moving this thread to pak forum. you should get a better response there.

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