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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Tamanaa, Oct 24, 2007.

  1. Tamanaa

    Tamanaa New Member

    Hi friends,pals,guys n gals !
    this is Tamanaa wishing all the best to all the pro-guitarists.this is my very first post,so i'm quite xcited.glad to see the gr8 interaction among all of us here.hope i'll make lots of friends through IGT.I've been learning guitar for 3 months now & am good at leading.i need ur help regarding chords n strumming patterns.
    ur replies n comments r welcome.

    Tamanaa is gonna rock with u all :rock:

    HAPPY_ROTTER New Member

    Hi Tamanaa
    I'm Meet. U Can Ask Me 4 Any Cord Or Lead. No Problem In Helping U


  3. Tamanaa

    Tamanaa New Member

    hi dude

    nice 2 meet u happy_rotter .:beer: thanx 4 replying. i require different strumming patterns suited 2 various songs with their chords.looking forward 2 ur positive response.thanx.

    I'm also waiting anxiously 4 more responses.all r welcome !
  4. slaveostring

    slaveostring New Member

    Hi Guitarslaves,,,

    am delighted to be a part of this excellent forum……to brag a little bit….am from Mumbai, Thane and have been in Mumbai now for over 7 years, originally from Hyderabad….been guitaring now from 13 years…have played in bands for a long time and have reached a stage of Nirvana and want to do something on my own…I played stuff like Deep Purple, Scorpions, Eagles,…..so I am not ‘da 50 cents’ variety….i worship retro music and I have been of late hooked on to songs from movies like Ankahee, Metro etc….these movies are actually redefining a new genre of what I would like to call ‘stylish and soft Hindi rock”…..

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